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  1. Erk
    yo wassup
  2. Ψ 8455
    Ψ 8455
    TF2 + Beers + Mental disorders? I'm a french Quebecer playing TF2. It's a perfect fit!
  3. Lazarus
    {FITH} Member since 2011.
  4. crybabybirb
  5. Groundswell
    Everybody uses an avatar around here. Alrighty then.
  6. NutZ
    Maybe I do maybe I don't , mind your own fucking business gosh.
  7. murdocgshep
    murdocgshep Significant Otter
    So that collaboration you recommended. I'd like to try one and see what we can come up with.
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  8. BerserkerKnight
    Human are really stupid. i mean we are the only species that already pay for live on the planet
  9. GeminiBlue
  10. SadBoyMike
    New to the forums! :D
  11. Divided79
    Divided79 MattKnight
    Happy Birthday
  12. Divided79
  13. Divided79
  14. Divided79
    Without us they are powerless, Without them we are free.
  15. Periclod
    bad at team fortress 2
  16. kobayashi
    I have no idea what is going on...
  17. WonderWoman
    WonderWoman clutch
    hey I need that info - I cant find my copy can I get it from you here or on steam later, thanks, trying to set up an account now.
  18. Mouse724
  19. Mouse724
  20. Mouse724
    New to FITH. Feeling rather excited to have found this place inhabited by such humane people ;] more info to come as I set all this up.