Brewed my first mixed fermentation beer (Berliner Weisse!)

Discussion in 'The Brewery' started by zman_, Jun 4, 2017.

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    Sep 14, 2016
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    Brewed my first mixed fermentation beer the other weekend. Recipe as follows:

    11 Gallon batch (No hop/No boil):

    7# White Wheat
    4# Maris Otter
    2# Flaked Wheat

    Neutral water profile slightly favoring sulfate over chloride to give it a nice dry finish. Mash pH ~5.25

    Mashed ~149F x 60min, warmed to 170F for 15min to pasteurize the beer, then cooled to pitching temperature and added:

    1.5L Starter of White-labs New Nordic Yeast Blend
    4x GoodBelly Mango Shots (~80B lactobacillus).

    Fermented ~72F slowly raising it to 75F where it is sitting right now.

    Gravity/pH Readings:
    Day#0: 1.034
    Day#5: 1.002 / 3.87pH - Beautiful straw color, mild tartness (needs a bit more) balances a rich doughy breadiness. Pretty much everything I want in an easy drinking summer beer and @ ~4% ABV it will be easy to kill a few of these.
    Day#8: 1.002 / 3.80pH - Happy to see the pH continuing to drop, looking to get a tiny bit more acid before moving onto adding fruit!

    Going to wait for it to drop a few more points on the pH (somewhere around 3.70) before racking 1/2 ontop of ~8# of raspberries and the other 1/2 on top of 1/2 gallon 100% tart cherry juice. Going to let it sit on that for ~2 weeks before crashing, transferring into serving kegs, carbonating and enjoying! Any remaining will be put into a 2.5 gallon keg and drank as is.

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    Cool. Keep me updated. Interested in seeing how it turns out.

    Next brew for me is either going to be a NEIPA with vanilla or a imperial mexican hot chocolate stout.

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