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    Significant Otter asked me about this not too long ago, so I thought I'd make a quick post on the elusive pyro-bunny...

    There are exhaustive guides on how to rocket jump and sticky jump, but nothing is more devastating than pyro hops. Leap over obstacles, confuse opponents, and terrify your enemies as a flying pyro!

    Just like rocket jumps, there are shades of grey with pyro hops. I've found that you don't go high enough to really need to control the jump, so I keybound the hop to make it less likely to fail when drunk. On the other hand, this means that you can go from ground pyro to flying pyro just by changing a few files around.

    • Keybind pyro hops to middle-click (mouse 3) when you're a pyro
    • Automatically load binding when you change classes
    • You're using Windows 7 or newer
    • You're using an administrator-level account
    • TF2 is installed in a non-fucky way
    • You're not completely incompetent
    Find your TF folder

    On my recently reinstalled stock Windows 10 64-bit system, the folder was:
    Note: If your TF folder is somewhere else or on another drive you'll need to make changes to the paths below!
    • Navigate to this folder
    • Right-click within the folder, and create a new Text Document
    • Name it pyro.txt
    • Open it in Notepad or Notepad++
    Add this text to the new file:
    • Feel free to change Mouse3 to whatever you want. I prefer the middle-click.
    • Save the file
    Rename the .TXT to .CFG
    • Hit Windows+R to bring up the Run dialog box
    • Copy and paste this and hit OK:
    Note: Since the file is no longer a .txt file it becomes difficult to make future modifications with Notepad. Notepad++ adds a shell extension so you can right-click a file and say "Edit with Notepad++" which makes dealing with these files much easier.

    What about soldiers?

    Can you do the same thing with soldier.cfg? Absolutely. You can still make precision rocket jumps manually, but the middle-mouse (or whatever you use) will be an instant, high rocket jump.

    To copy the pyro.cfg to soldier.cfg:
    Using the binding

    When you load your pyro, the pyro.cfg will load as a supplement to your regular bindings, and if you look downward, and press the middle-mouse (or again, whatever you choose) you'll hop. You won't get very far with the shotgun ;), so use something in the flare gun family. I prefer the Flare Gun because it fits my play style. I can get high enough to go over most things. The Detonator will get you almost as high as a soldier.

    For example, on Frontier as RED, a Detonator hop will allow you to get to places like up and over the ledges BLU typically fires down from, at the first cap.

    If you create a soldier.cfg using the same methodology, make sure you look down otherwise it'll just look like an awkward duck and fire. Great for the one-off rocket jumps!

    May all your spy kills be Faceless, and your Scout kills be Clutch! Have fun!
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  2. Donald Draper

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    It's entirely possible I don't qualify under your assumptions....but on the off chance I do I've got some thoughts. Bear in mind, I just learned about custom config files within the last year. And I've been playing this game since the beginning. This isn't my field of expertise.

    1. Why do you choose to use the run command for the .cfg file? My config files are all stored in the SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg folder. Each class config file autoruns when I switch classes. Is there an advantage to doing this one way or another?

    2. Notepad++ should be on anybody's computer that has read this thread. It makes editing so easy.

    3. I'm a shitty rocketjumper. Shitty. Probably due to lack of practice. In any event, I don't use rocketjumping scripts because I figure I'll never get better if I've got the crutch to lean on. But I definitely think it has its place for pyro. From what I can tell, most pyros struggle with holding W+M1. A select few know about the M2 button. There are probably 3 that can flarejump. This thread is a great service to their class!!!

    4. I've tried having things bound to mouse 3, and it never seems to work well. I've got MWUP bound to the primary weapon, MWDOWN to secondary. Pushing the mouse wheel left pulls out melee, and mouse wheel right does the spell/mvm canteen. There's a lot of things going on with that button. Invariably, if I try to get a clean press down on M3 in the heat of battle, I end up scrolling up/down/etc.

    5. Thanks for the effort on this post. I'm curious to know what scripts/configs folks are running.

    6. There are two things I use that I find quite helpful. First, is a nosmoke script. Second, for engie I've bound 1-4 to quickbuild without having to go through the construction PDA. The same keys destroy a building if one is already built and bring up a new one to place. This works really well for being a minisentry dickhead.
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    I resemble that remark.
  4. The Broodwich

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    Two questions in this part.

    1. I utilized commands via the Run interface in Windows because telling most people to create and rename a file is a daunting and ridiculously difficult experience. My background in IT and Support tells me that the less a user has to execute, the better, and so by creating a file manually, then issuing a command to ensure the .TXT becomes a .CFG there's little to screw up. I originally took screenshots and had a section dedicated to file extensions, which these commands negated.

    2. Thanks for making me check my work, Don! I had the cfg files in both the tf and tf/cfg folders, and didn't test to see which scenario was correct. They belong in the cfg folder, and I'll correct this in the post above.
    Each class will load the respective cfg file when you swap classes.
    Ah, I never use anything bound to mousewheel up and down. I exclusively use the keyboard numbers to swap, as it makes it more definitive. You always know that class X will have number Y as weapon Z. I don't remember what the spell's got bound to the other year... shift Q maybe. We could probably have a whole other thread about how we finger our keyboards...

    Other than these binds I'm a total pleb.
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    I've tried to customize my cfgs and at one point had a pretty nifty setup, but it's such a huge PITA every time that on this new computer I said fuck it. The only thing I have bound is left alt to bring out sapper.
  6. Significant Otter

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    Interesting, never heard of people making jump scripts until today. Is that a widespread practice or something that's frowned upon?

    Ethical questions aside, great guide Broodwich! I'll definitely have to investigate pyro jumping further as it's something I barely ever see.
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  7. Dr. Thor

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    I was very common in TFC but I dont think they are as common now.
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    Jump scripts are still pretty common but the people who get really into jumping won't use them. Even just a crouch jump script takes away a little bit of control and there are a few jump maps that for some reason will bug out with them.

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