RIP: George Romero

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    George Romero will not go down in history as a great director, but he made more good movies than a lot of directors. Even if Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead (and a number of other classic horror films) are not your cup of tea, I would encourage you to see Knightriders starring Ed Harris in one of his first starring roles; it is just a good, fun to watch movie.

    When I was younger, the local mall's movie theater showed a variety of cult films at midnight on Friday and Saturday. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have seen Dawn of the Dead (and The Rocky Horror Picture show for that matter). Regardless of the number of times you watch Dawn of the Dead, there is no way to escape the incredibly creepy feeling you get walking out into an empty mall at 2AM after the movie.
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    Here's my library's description of Knightriders:

    A troupe of motorcyclists begin to question their way of life as they travel from town to town staging Renaissance fairs, while local law enforcement and financial problems pressure them.

    I'll update this post after viewing this awesome sounding movie.

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