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Discussion in 'Television & Movies' started by PongQ, Oct 4, 2017.

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    I watch a lot of movies and you sometimes get to a point where you are waiting for new releases or trying to find a good "B" movie to watch. I ran into that situation Monday. I had been watching mediocre quality sci-fi and dystopian movies and really was looking for something more along the lines of action/senseless violence.

    Nothing I saw was appealing and then I saw the live action "Beauty and the Beast" was available for streaming. That was supposed to be decent. I sat and watched it start to finish like a little girl. At least, I didn't cry or gasp.

    I'm gonna put it down to having the hots for Emma Watson and leave it at that. She is 27 and that is almost over-the-hill in Hollywood years. I'm only pushing 50 so she might even be too old for me, right?

    Anyway, Split showed up on DVD yesterday and I am watching Death Sentence, now so I seem to have recovered.
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    I really enjoyed the live-action Beauty & the Beast. I loved the adhesion to the original script/soundtrack. But also enjoyed the small differences. Brilliant casting imo, with Gaston's role being the most remarkable. And fucking Kevin Klien, wooooot! All-in-all a smash hit, imo.
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